Our Mission is to go to four different African countries (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia) for 2 months and share the love of Christ with those around the world!
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    Mark Schumacher

    $102.95 / 4 days ago

    Hi Austin, We are so excited to find out how God will use you this coming summer. We will be with you in prayer along with the prayer warriors from CABC and look forward to updates we can catch throughout this summer. Love your commitment to loving and helping God's people as you serve them. Mark and Barb Schumacher

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    Carla Breland

    $2,059.00 / 20 days ago

    We love you Austin! May God use you in a mighty way to impact the world for Him!! Remember, HE IS ENOUGH in every circumstance!

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    Laura Matera

    $102.95 / 67 days ago

    God loves you! Thank you for loving and leading in His name and for His glory. It is a privilege to encourage you. Hebrews 11:1 - The Matera family

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    Troy Smith

    $1,000.00 / 72 days ago

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    Megan Schmitz

    $5.00 / 87 days ago

    Super excited to be serving in Africa with you this upcoming summer!!

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    $500.00 / 142 days ago

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    Hallie Cox

    $15.44 / 207 days ago

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    Diana Tufano

    $25.72 / 208 days ago

    So glad you found your passion and am excited to see pictures of your journey!