Our Mission is to go to four different African countries (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia) for 2 months and share the love of Christ with those around the world!
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    Laura Matera

    $102.95 / 7 days ago

    God loves you! Thank you for loving and leading in His name and for His glory. It is a privilege to encourage you. Hebrews 11:1 - The Matera family

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    Troy Smith

    $1,000.00 / 12 days ago

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    Meg Schmitz

    $5.00 / 27 days ago

    Super excited to be serving in Africa with you this upcoming summer!!

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    Hallie Cox

    $15.44 / 147 days ago

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    Diana Tufano

    $25.72 / 148 days ago

    So glad you found your passion and am excited to see pictures of your journey!